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Highlight of Our Service

  • Marketing Consultation

    LOYREX specialises in providing a range of Online Marketing Strategies. We can help you realise the branding vision of your company, through understanding the unique aspects of your company. Our effective and innovative consultation and analysis allows you to strengthen your company's brand equity and online presence to maximise your long term growth.

  • Exclusive Model & Influencer Management

    Product placement on social media is one of the most cost-efficient ways to raise your brand awareness and acquire loyal customers. At LOYREX, we are connected to an extensive network of professional models, social media influencers, and creative professionals who are enthusiastic to collaborate with your brand, projects and campaigns. Simply consult with us about your goals and vision, and we will connect you with the optimal personnel from our network to achieve your ideal measurable outcomes.

  • Commercial Campaign Production

    We can provide you with professional video production services, filmed by experienced commercial videographers as well as starring selected talents to best fit your campaign. Our promotional creations carefully consider your online media strategies; optimising SEO, CPC, and AdClicks from audience perspectives, through strategic creation of scenario and story writing.

How it works 

Step 1: Consultation

We first consult with you to understand what you want to achieve. What your company is and what it does as well as its long-term goals. We then construct the perfect digital marketing strategy tailored to your company to reach your target customers and create a long-lasting community around it.

Step 2: Selection of Content Creators (Models and Videographer), Scenario Confirmation (Branding confirmation)

Get back to your core day-to-day business activities, we will manage everything for you during this stage. During this stage, your company only needs to confirm with our selections so that you will be satisfied with the final step.

Step 3: We deliver your unique product (Post or either Video production, report) The delivery of your company's content creation. (Promotional video, Photography)

Finally, the project is visualised, and the campaign is up and running. Your content created with the best-matched creatives is now online. Your Videos and Photos are yours to use however you want!

Call us to arrange a free consultation