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Who we are?

LOYREX is a Digital Marketing Consulting firm based in Brisbane, Australia.


We differentiate by providing your company with the full suite of services for your campaign from start to finish.


From digital strategy to the production of creative promotional material, to the optimal selection of influencers and creatives from our networks to achieve those projects. These services are strategically managed together with your company vision in mind to achieve your targets.


We don’t miss a step to provide you with The Complete Marketing Package.

LOYREX specialises in selecting the most suitable influencers for reaching your target customers through social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat.


LOYREX has also established premium partnerships with Digital Systems Australis [www.digisys.com.au] and ClickInIt.


We provide a diverse range of services, including: Exclusive Influencer and Model Management, Promotional Video and Photography Production, Marketing Consultation, Campaign Planning, Scenario and Story Writing, and Social Media Management.

Tailored to your specific audience

Online or Face-to-face consultation. We develop custom digital strategies and organise consultations to gain social media engagements.

Increase Loyal Customers

We provide the best strategy to reach your target audience who are most likely to stay as loyal and frequent customers of your company.

Guaranteed Project Outcome

We are persistent in achieving your company's success. We are happy to provide you with consistent support and partner with your company in the long term.

Cost and Time Efficiency

By leaving us with the hard work of organising all the connected services, you can save time and money you might otherwise spend on unoptimised advertising.

Increase Social Media Engagement

Increased social media engagements can be guaranteed through our strategy to reach the optimal target segment.

LOYREX differentiates from others with its professional outcomes tailored to each unique client.



LOYREX takes on a project with pride from being able to work with you so that you can continue growing your business. We consider projects from your company’s interest; its success matters to us too.

Call us to arrange a free consultation


Nana Miwa  –  Chief Executive Officer

At LOYREX, our philosophy has always been to think about actions from the client’s perspectives. We are happy to refine continuously until we can confirm that our client is satisfied with each project. We prioritise our client company’s growth and reach the customers they want promptly. I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe that Loyrex will help your company achieve your target.

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